Fouts Equine realizes that you and your equine companion work hard to be success—whether it’s on the trail, in competition, or on the farm. That’s why we work hard to keep your equine athlete in sound health. Lameness can be caused by several problems, ranging from hoof issues all the way up to neck and back problems. Fouts Equine has the modern technology and experience to not only identify the underlying issue, but to also provide the proper care to get your equine on the road to recovery.

Arthrex IRAP II

This type of joint injection uses your horse’s own blood to produce an autologous serum that contains anti-inflammatory and anti-degenerative compounds. The serum is  injected into the affected joint or tendon sheath. By using your equine’s own blood, the risk of adverse allergic or anaphylactic side effects is drastically reduced. And because it’s all natural and non-steroidal, it can be used more frequently, and multiple joints can be simultaneously and safely treated.

Steriod Injections

Steroid injections utilize both steroids and hyaluronic acid to reduce pain and inflammation in joints and tendon sheaths.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP is a by product of the horse’s own blood which is rich in platelets. Platelets form blood clots and release growth factors into a wound, expediting the healing process for peri-implant soft tissue and bone. This method is used in the healing of tendons and ligaments.