About Fouts Equine, Inc.

Fouts Equine Inc. was founded as a private practice in 2013 with a focus on treating horses and white-tail deer. The practice offers both standard and unconventional services, ranging from dentistry to embryo transfer for breeding purposes. Clients appreciate the on-location approach from Fouts Equine and that medical services will come to their location, rather than having to undergo the hassle of loading up an injured or ill animal. Whatever the medical necessity, Fouts Equine is deeply rooted in a history of delivering authentic care to its clients. Part of that is avidly seeking knowledge on new techniques and therapies, as well as adhering to best practices and utilizing state-of-the-art medical equipment in order to provide the best quality service possible.

About Dr. Fouts

Dr. Gary Fouts is committed to delivering individualized service and genuine care for both equine patients and equestrian clients. His undeniable devotion towards helping animals is evident through his dealings at local farms, large stables and breeding facilities. That devotion, paired with education and experience makes him a well sought-after resource in the equine circle.

Dr. Fouts underwent the pre-veterinarian program at Purdue University in Lafayette, Indiana and was accepted to Purdue’s School of Veterinary Medicine in 1998—after just two years of undergraduate studies. During his undergraduate summers, Dr. Fouts apprenticed at a small animal clinic in Kokomo where he observed and learned the inner workings of veterinarian work. After graduating in 2002, he was equipped with a Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree from Purdue University, and began to work for Dr. Weldy and Associates in Wakarusa, Indiana.

Dr. Fouts’ undeniable devotion towards helping
animals is evident through his dealings at local
farms, large stables and breeding facilities.

In 2006, Dr. Fouts partnered with another local veterinarian to open Equine Veterinary Hospital after they felt there was a need for services that specialized in horses, specifically. Dr. Fouts had developed a love for horses during veterinarian school when he rescued his first of many horses, a Morgan named Hawk. Hawk was donated to Purdue for practice purposes, and was eventually scheduled to be euthanized. Dr. Fouts intervened and asked for ownership of Hawk. After receiving consent, he brought Hawk home and tended to his medical and farrier needs until Hawk’s health was restored. Inspired by that love, Dr. Fouts later ventured out in 2013 and opened his own practice, Fouts Equine Inc. Veterinary Practice.

Today, Dr. Fouts services both the equine industry and offers white-tail deer services. When he isn’t making calls or attending to emergencies, he enjoys his life as an avid outdoorsmen with hunting and fishing and camping. His family shares his love of horses as they enjoy trail riding and competing.