Fouts Equine’s team of professionals is well trained in using state-of-the-art equipment and technology that is convenient and accurate when it comes to providing clear images. All of the equipment is portable so clients do not have to undertake the hassle of loading and transporting their horse(s). Services include digital radiology, ultrasounds and endoscopies. 

Digital Radiology

Fouts Equine offers portable direct digital radiology as a convenient service for clients. This Xray technology allows Dr. Fouts to review and assess the radiograph immediately after it’s taken, saving you time and expediting the diagnosis.

Ultra Sound

Dr. Fouts employs portable, battery-powered imaging equipment allowing the machine to easily travel to the equine patient. Ultrasounds serve two purposes; a reproductive ultrasound allows us to determine where a mare is in her cycle and if her uterus is healthy. By determining that, we can determine a precise time for the breeding process. After the mare is pregnant, an ultrasound helps us to monitor the development and progression of the fetus. The other purpose for the ultrasound is to take an internal look at soft tissue injuries, such as tendons, ligaments, muscles and masses.


The endoscopy process uses a small camera attached to a tube to take clear, internal images of the equine. Up-to-date technology is important as it delivers more detailed images, allowing us to detect any concerning elements. Dr. Fouts uses the endoscope to examine the upper airways and to identify complications as a result of breathing problems, stomach ulcers or internal bleeding.