24 Hour Emergency Services

Emergencies are impossible to predict or plan for. That’s why Fouts Equine is available 24 hours a day to assist in emergency situations. Immediate medical treatment can be the deciding factor between life or death for the horse and that’s taken seriously at Fouts Equine. Dr. Fouts will receive ill or injured horses at any time at the clinic. He will also make farm calls during any time, should the horse be unable or unfit for transportation.

Emergency situations include the need for service after the clinic has closed—when your horse is severely injured or experiencing a sudden, onset illness.


Examples of emergencies:




-Broken leg

-Foaling or birthing emergencies

-Foal sickness and emergencies

-Sick horse

-Severe injury

-Massive bleeding

-Acute lameness


Please call our Emergency Line at (574)-320-2229 if you need immediate medical assistance.